Complimentary Consultation & Haircut

Receive a FREE consultation, cut and
style with an expert stylist, DAWN

Use promo code ‘DAWN’ when booking.

Offer valid only with Dawn, for first time customers only. Everyday except Saturday, limited availability. Offer available at our South Coast and Irvine locations until June 30th. Haircut is FREE but tips for your stylist are highly encouraged and appreciated.

Meet Dawn // expert stylist

Location: Irvine / Costa Mesa at South Coast

Home Town: Seattle, WA

Age i first cut hair: 8 year old, I liked to make sure that all my barbies were well groomed and looked fashionable

Best dad joke: My doctor told me I was going deaf. The news was hard for me to hear.

We focus exclusively on men’s hair, considering every detail, to create a better grooming experience for men.

Shirt to change into
Complimentary beer & water
Comfortable chairs

Our story

KEMPT was founded on the idea that men deserve a better grooming experience. We knew that there had to be a better option than traditional salons designed for women, barbershops that focus on speed and high volume at the expense of customer service, or undesirable discount chains. But there wasn’t, so we created KEMPT.



10AM – 7PM


9AM – 5PM