/kem(p)t/: adjective neat; well-groomed.  The uncommon opposite of unkempt.
We believe in a well edited life full of authentic experiences and fewer, better things.  We focus on just men's hair in order to offer the very best haircut and experience.
Gone are the days of the traditional barber's cookie cutter haircut.  The modern man requires a personal touch of professional intuition. KEMPT is dedicated to delivering more than a simple haircut.  With attention to details such as facial structure, hair type, personality, and lifestyle, we'll create an original look that fits you perfectly, one that makes a lasting impression.  It's time to walk with a new level of confidence, and a look that demands notice.  This is KEMPT. 
Melissa is the cofounder of KEMPT and a men's hair enthusiast. After graduating from UC Irvine, she continued on the creative path as a hairstylist. Inspired by her husband and son, Melissa's interest in men's hair quickly developed into her passion. She knew that in order to to create the perfect haircut and experience for male clients, something more was needed. This motivated her to create KEMPT.

Richard is the cofounder of KEMPT.  A native of South Africa , he brings more to the team than just a great head of hair. His ability to analyze, strategize, and execute (skills honed as a veteran firefighter), allow him to facilitate daily operations from behind the scenes, ensuring that KEMPT delivers the simple, but significant experience our clients appreciate.